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Nice is so so Nice!!

Dont think we will want to leave!!

sunny -22 °C

Great days .. wandered all through old Nice Friday, every corner you turn there is something great to see. Old church that we just stumbled upon, full of the most amazing paintings and sculptures. Ian liaughed because i lit a candle, hope it impressed St Christopher and he gets us home safe!! We also walked upon a flower market in the middle of the old city, the smell of the flowers and the spruiking of the sellers, it was just something special.
We also climbed to the top of the cliff at the back of Nice, an awful bloody long way!! But so worth the climb, a beautiful waterfall and the views... oh my god !!!
We ate dinner on Lido beach... the rocky, pebbly beach.. it seems so odd!! YUMMY meal..wont take long to gain back those kilos i have lost ..ha ha .
Ian and I lovvvvvvvvve the french coffee.. it is so smooth, and totally addictive!! Its so romantic here I have made Ian hold my hand...ha ..I console him that its okay, no one he knows will see him!!! Everyone we speak too is lovely, helpful and so friendly, the people here are wonderful. We have had no trouble finding anything!!
OH Lauren.. we also found the Nutella Crepe seller!!! yummmy!!!

Hope you are all well and not missing us too much!!!

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Dubai,and Irish Pubs

Yay we could smoke inside!!!

sunny 24 °C

We made it!!
Sitting in a little internet cafe in Nice, (had laptop problems)the sun has just gone down (9:30pm) spectacular sunset over the french riveria, little white, pink, and blue house with shutters, cobblestones, beautiful fountains, amazing streetlights everything is mouth dropping beautiful, better than i even imagined!!Just had a beautiful meal .overlooking the old city, the bells started ringing in the towers it was so beautiful i nearly cried....Ian ate a dozen snails... i near puked watching him!!

Had a great flight, we loved it! Dubai was so interesting, we arrived at 5:45am in the morning and it was 30C. We found ourselves outside an 'Irish' ( yeah i know Nathan it wasnt irish.. but it sold Guiness!), we had a couple of ciggies and a pint for breakfast!!, in a supposed Irish Pub, in the middle of Saudi Arabia, served by a Pakistani girl. Strange strange place!! we left at 9;25am.. it was 40C we had to go out to the tarmac on a bus.. and I burnt my hand on the rail of the plane stairs..so so hot!

Had a great time checking out the duty free shopping! Have plans for on the way home...hehee

I spent most of the trip watching the map in the plane flying over places like Casablanca, Bagdad, Damascus, was so exciting ...to me.. Ian found my constant yabbering a bit annoying I am sure !!

He is at a little old bar next door to this internet cafe enjoying some local brew and local entertainment!!

Our room is beautiful, the hotel is amazing, its in a perfect place two minute walk to the beach (which is covered in round white pebble), and right in the middle of 'old Nice'. The staff love us!! Aussies.. they only ever get Poms.. and have decided.. in just 5 hours that we are much much nicer...haaaa!!

anyway... better go help Ian do some drinking xxxx

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tomorrows the day!!

11 °C

24 hours till we leave!, all is packed. Kids are ready to be dropped off to nominated babysitters. Guinea pigs, dogs and cats are off for holidays too!

Ended up buying nice new suitcases.. its hard to judge 30 kilos.. hope I have it right. I keep thinking of more stuff i want to take!!

Next entry we should be on our way!!


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We Haven't Packed Yet!!

5 days till we leave!

10 °C

Still havent packed, must get organised! Very stressed and disorganised.. whats new?
Though have paid all the bills we need too, Harry had a visit to the doctors so he doesnt run out of medication while we are away.Sam is threatening to turn out home into Party Central while we are gone!!!
Seriously this vacation had better be good for the stress it is causing!!!

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